Youth For Christ Hopes to Repair Teen Center for Ministries

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

A few months ago, James Valley Youth for Christ Executive Director Troy Gunderson, along with several other staff members, hosted a question and answer meeting in Valley City that was open to the public as the Christian-based youth organization inquired about the possibility of bringing some youth ministry efforts into the Valley City area to serve local youth needs in the area's own unique way.

On Monday, June 18 with several local volunteers in tow, Gunderson informed the Valley City Times-Record that the group has found a great building and location in the Teen Center and has great support from the Valley City Area Youth Council, who owns the building, to use the building to host its ministries. The group spent the day assessing what improvements need to be made to the building before they can open.

More on this story can be found in the June 20 edition of the Times-Record.