View VC Jr./Sr. Art and Creations Today, Jan. 7th

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Donovan Williams
Valley City Public Schools invite the public to see the latest artistic pieces today, January 7th from 6-8 p.m. in the High School Cafeteria and Jr. High Hallway. As always, there are all sorts of unique crafts from silhouettes of Valley City's famous bridges to impressive ceiling-tile paintings.
Instructors Stephani Krueger and Kelly Callahan are very excited for the upcoming shows. The students have spent much time on their projects and have worked especially hard to bring them to viewing eyes.
"The kids are unbelievable," Callahan said. "Their successes seem endless and the art makes their creative spirits come alive."
Krueger and Callahan hope to see everyone come out and admire the work of students 7th Grade through Advanced Art. Callahan expressed a lot of desire to use 3D sculptures in future shows, which will be March 5th for the Junior High and May 13th with both the Juniors and Seniors. Setting up all of the art has taken the students and instructors 3-4 days in the hallways and the cafeteria, and they are ready to leave visitors in awe.