VCPS Welcomes New Teachers

TR Staff
Staff Writer

At the Valley City Public Schools 2019-20 New Teacher Workshop on Thursday, Superintendent Josh Johnson welcomed the new faculty and staff to the city and the school district. He emphasized that they will have an abundance of support as they begin their journey in Valley City.
“We just want to emphasize and encourage that you feel free to ask questions and you don’t ever feel that you’re isolated, that you’re out on an island,” Johnson said. “More than that, we truly hope that those who you’ll build relationships with—our staff members, administration and community members that are here as well—that you now we will really support you, build around you and help make sure that the first year is a success for you guys.”
VCPS welcomes five new faculty/staff members for the 2019-20 school year. Read more in today's, Friday, August 9th, Times-Record.