VCPS Storm Plan: The Calm Before The Storm

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Good Afternoon Parents, Staff, and Community,
We have made the decision to cancel all after school activities this afternoon, Wednesday, March 13th. We are continuing to follow the timing and arrival of this system in the Valley City area and do not want any students or staff to be traveling as the road conditions deteriorate throughout the late afternoon and evening. For your information I have included an updated weather map that we've received from the National Weather Service.
While we know it is very likely that the predicted forecast will lead to further cancellations (tomorrow), it is our plan to further assess this decision later this afternoon/evening and make a decision based upon the most updated forecast from the National Weather Service. Please know that we will send communications regarding these decisions using email, instant notification calling system, local media and our own social media.
Thank you again,
Mr. Josh Johnson

Good Morning Parents, Staff, and Community,
VCPS is preparing for a winter storm that is predicted to impact us with heavy snow and strong winds this evening and tomorrow. If the forecast for Valley City follows the predictions of the National Weather Service, we will be making a school cancellation for Thursday, March 14th by the end of the day. Please be looking for further communications from us through email, instant notification system, and social media.
As far as today (Wednesday), the storm is predicted to begin impacting our region after 5pm. Right now, we will have after school activities until 5:00pm for Jefferson, Washington, and Junior/Senior High students. After 5:00pm, no students should be in the school for any reason. As always with severe weather, parents reserve the right to decide if their student should not attend after school activities and/or leave practices prior to 5:00pm. If we decide to change this plan due to the weather, a decision and communication will be made prior to 2:00pm this afternoon.
I've attached information that we've received from the National Weather Service on this storm.
Also, a reminder that VCPS has No School on Friday, March 15th. Any decisions regarding extra-curricular activities scheduled for Friday will be made at a future time and communicated with those involved as soon as possible.
Thank you and stay safe,
Josh Johnson
Valley City Public Schools
(701) 845-0483

Due to the concern with impending winter storm, all after-school practices and activities will be concluded with all students out of the building by 5:00 PM today, Wednesday, March 13th. As always with impending weather, parents are free to request that their students be dismissed from practice early without consequence. We encourage rural students to go home immediately after school today. If the storm tracks into our area earlier than expected, we will cancel all after school practices and activities. Please stay safe!
Mike Schultz
Hi-Liner AD
Office: (701) 845-0483, Ext. 122
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