VCPS 2019 Teacher of the Year

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Joey Marini
Students of Washington Elementary gathered in the gymnasium for the conclusion of a few school-mandated safety drills. In addition to the planning and implementation of these drills, Principal Chad Lueck spent the last week preparing a surprise celebration with the assistance of some of his staff. On the morning of May 6th, Principal Lueck chose Mrs. Rhonda Nudell’s class to be the guinea pigs running the drill in the gymnasium in order to set up all the last minute details. The halls just happened to be full of streamers as they were also celebrating Mrs. Nudell’s 50th birthday. It worked out perfectly, drawing attention to one celebration whilst building towards something even bigger. Birthdays are a given, coming once a year, but the title of Teacher of the Year was something that Mrs. Nudell truly earned.
As the students filled the gymnasium, the lights turned low and a video began to play via the projector. It was a celebratory compilation of pictures of Mrs. Nudell, ending with an “Oh wait!” The dramatic pause built suspense for what was a great, big congratulations on being the 2019 Teacher of the Year. The gymnasium then lit up and Mrs. Nudell was greeted by flowers, a balloon, and a burst of confetti that cascaded down on her and her class.
Mrs. Nudell has been referred to as “a strong educational leader and an advocate for student learning.” She has been teaching at Valley City Public Schools for 11 years and has 27 total years in education. She will be given her award on Wednesday, May 8th at 5:00 p.m. in the Hi-Liner Activity Center during the 2019 VCPS Celebration of Achievement and Excellence Program.