VCHS Speech Wins 5th Consecutive EDC Regional Title

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By Nicholas Lee, Head VCHS Speech Coach
This past Saturday, April 6, the Valley City High School Hi-Liner Speech Team traveled to the EDC Regional Tournament at Fargo North High School. In order to qualify for the State Class A Tournament, students must compete at regionals and place in the top half of competitors in their events. Each student can do only two events at regionals and a school can only enter 4 competitors in each of the 14 events. 
The VC Speech Team captured its 5th consecutive EDC Regional Title, winning the tournament with 161.5 Points. EDC Runner-Up was Devils Lake with 86.5 points. Valley City High School has now won 16 Regional Titles. All together there are 31 students who have qualified to compete at the NDHSAA State Class A Speech Tournament (in 40 events). Four Valley City students captured EDC titles in their respective events: Gabriella Shipp (Serious Prose), Maggie Oberlander (Speech to Persuade), Madi Klabo (Dramatic Interpretation), Monisha Terry (Humorous Interpretation). 
The Regional Team for Valley City High School was as follows (note not all students listed are qualified to compete at state): 
12th Grade: Monisha Terry- Humorous Interpretation, Extemporaneous Programmed Reading. Maggie Oberlander- Speech to Persuade, Serous Dramatic Duo. Eliza Johnson- Radio Broadcasting, Serious Dramatic Duo. Brooke Ask- Serious Dramatic Duo, Humorous Dramatic Duo. Rylee Cihak- Serious Dramatic Duo 
11th Grade: Catherine Meester- Speech to Inform, Extemporaneous Programmed Reading. MJ Lorenz- Serious Prose. Elizabeth Gazeley- Speech to Persuade, Speech to Entertain. Sophia Boe- Storytelling, Humorous Dramatic Duo 
10th Grade: Aurora Ziniel- Speech to Inform, Impromptu Speaking. Gabbie Shipp- Dramatic Interpretation, Serious Prose. Olivia Slyter- Serious Prose, Poetry Interpretation. Dylan Quick- Humorous Dramatic Duo, Speech to Inform. Owen Plagens- Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation. Luke Plagens- Impromptu Speaking, Speech to Persuade. Julianne McPartland- Extemporaneous Programmed Reading. Lillian Kiefert- Dramatic Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation. Skye Auka- Serious Prose, Humorous Interpretation. Ariana Abrahamson- Speech to Inform 
9th Grade: Jazmine Schmidt- Extemporaneous Programmed Reading. Cassie Mundal- Poetry Interpretation, Humorous Dramatic Duo. Amber Knutson- Radio Broadcasting. Madi Klabo- Dramatic Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking. Brinklyn Johnson- Extemporaneous Speaking, Speech to Persuade. Jerrica Eldridge- Humorous Dramatic Duo. Lily Douglass- Poetry Interpretation, Humorous Dramatic Duo 
8th Grade: Alexis Wobbema- Speech to Entertain. Amelia Meester- Speech to Entertain, Humorous Dramatic Duo 
Londine Marcellus- Serious Dramatic Duo. Ben Kruta- Humorous Interpretation. Madelyn Knight- Speech to Entertain. Emmalee Jones- Serious Dramatic Duo. Tucker Johnson- Storytelling, Extemporaneous Speaking. Stephanie Hoffarth- Serious Dramatic Duo, Storytelling. Teddy Hochhalter- Radio Broadcasting. Kendra Green- Radio Broadcasting. Katy Borg- Humorous Dramatic Duo. Isaac Abrahamson- Storytelling
7th Grade: Abby Redfearn- Extemporaneous Speaking. Ayden Grace McPartland- Serious Dramatic Duo. Claire Powell- Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking. Individual Results (students qualifying for state competition). Dramatic Interpretation: Gabriella Shipp (4th), Lillian Kiefert (3rd), Madi Klabo (1st- EDC Champion). EPR: Julianne McPartland (7th), Catherine Meester (4th), Monisha Terry (2nd). Extemporaneous Speaking: Abigail Redfearn (State Qualifier). Humorous Duo: Cassandra Mundal/Brooke Ask (State Qualifiers), Jerrica Eldridge/Lily Douglass (State Qualifiers), Amelia Meester/Kathryn Borg (4th), Dylan Quick/Sophie Boe (3rd). Humorous Interpretation: Benjamin Kruta (State Qualifier), Skye Auka (7th), Owen Plagens (2nd), Monisha Terry (1st-EDC Champion). Impromptu: Madi Klabo (State Qualifier), Luke Plagens (State Qualifier). Poetry: Lily Douglass (7th), Lillian Kiefert (4th), Olivia Slyter (2nd). Radio Broadcasting: Eliza Johnson (3rd). Serious Duo: Emmalee Jones/Ayden Grace McPartland (State Qualifiers), Stephanie Hoffarth/Londine Marcellus (State Qualifiers), Brooke Ask/Rylee Cihak (5th), Maggie Oberlander/Eliza Johnson (3rd). Serious Prose: Skye Auka (8th), MJ Lorenz (7th), Olivia Slyter (3rd), Gabriella Shipp (1st-EDC Champion). Speech to Entertain: Elizabeth Gazeley (4th), Amelia Meester (2nd). Speech to Inform: Catherine Meester (State Qualifier), Aurora Ziniel (6th). Speech to Persuade: Luke Plagens (7th), Brinklyn Johnson (5th), Elizabeth Gazeley (2nd), Maggie Oberlander (1st-EDC Champion). Storytelling: Stephanie Hoffarth (State Qualifier), Tucker Johnson (8th), Sophia Boe (4th) 
Next up for the Hi-Liner Speech Team is the State Class A Speech Tournament held in Jamestown this Saturday, April 13th. Wish our amazing speech team luck as they compete for a chance at their third consecutive state title!