VC Men Propose Petition to Disband VCPD

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

A group of Valley City men have drafted a petition calling for the disbanding of the Valley City Police Department and outsourcing law enforcement to the county.

Two men on the sponsoring committee are Robert Drake and Anthony Drake. They plan to submit the petition draft to Valley City Auditor Avis Richter "within the next day or two," Anthony said.

If the petition is approved, sponsors will then have a certain amount of time to collect signatures.

Anthony said Monday, "There are a whole lot of logical reasons why the sheriff's department could oversee law enforcement for the whole area. It's going to save tax payer dollars and be more efficient."

He added that because a sheriff is an elected official, citizens of Barnes County have the chance to vote for someone else if they feel the sheriff is not doing his job. Whereas, the decision of the police chief is voted on by the five-member city commission.

The petition proposal calls for the initiation of a city ordinance providing for the disbanding of the Valley City Police Department and assuring all law enforcement responsibility to the Barnes County Sheriff's Department.