VC Commission: City Events

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
At the Thursday, Jan. 3 Barnes County Commission meeting, Mayor Dave Carlsrud stood with new Fire Chief Scott Magnuson and elected City Attorney Carl Martineck as they took the oaths of their positions. Near the end of the meeting, Magnuson stood to thank the commission for the opportunity to be there and for the honor of becoming VC’s new fire chief.
Among other decisions, the commission voted to approve the conditional use permit for new Valley City business Brockopp Brewery to brew their own beer. They voted to approve the conditional use permit for Just Kidding Childcare to use the old Church of the Nazarene building on Riverside Drive. The commission also had some discussion concerning KLJ’s DOT-approved engineering contract for Streetscape I project, qualifying the project for a DOT Cross-share grant. Schelkoph introduced the matter and upon voting to award KLJ the contract, the vote was 3-1, passing.
There was also a quick reminder to VC residents that warm weather creates hazards as water accumulates atop ice, especially treacherous below the Baldhill Dam, not safe in any conditions to be around. The Commission also took a couple moments to mention Chuck Coghlan’s retirement after 23 years of dedication at VC’s Transfer Station.