Valley City Trap Shooting League

Joey Marini
Staff Writer

With the true target being gun safety and responsible fun, the VC Trap Club shot their first rounds on Tuesday, April 23rd. The regular spring league had a tremendous showing of nearly 50 shooters. Twelve teams plan to shoot during this season, but the facility utilized can hold a sufficient amount more. It is not too late to join the league; if you are interested, please contact Lewis Legge at (701) 490 – 0729. Local businesses that wish to sponsor a team are also implored to make contact as shooters can often be sought out to create a competitive team. The team rankings are currently incomplete as some team members were not able to shoot and will have to compete out of order, but the ranking to date are Puklich (98), FrostBite Grapple (66), McKay Seed Sales and PPI (tie – 34) and U.S. Fish & Wildlife (19). Notable performances were Mike Howe Sr. in the adult league, shooting 25. Jennifer Anderson and Cody Helland also shot 25s in the regular league as well as Evan Mielke in the High School league.
Shooters were pleasantly surprised to see the youth's skill levels. All competitors will need to shoot their best, as the young talent looks to continue forcing excellence. Valley City Trap Shooting encourages safety in the maintenance and utilization of firearms. The range officers are present during all competitive shoots and promote proper on sight etiquette. They will return again Tuesday, April 30th. Any inquires about signing up can be made to Lewis Legge (701) 490 – 0729.