Valley City Tennis Remains Undefeated

TR Staff
Staff Writer

We have improved so much in this season.  Our practice effort is improved, our mental game, our strategy – everything.  
At number one doubles, Austin was a beast.  He closed the net extremely well and put every ball away that he could.  On his groundstrokes, he attacked them which then set the point up for Blake to finish.  I had a smile on the sideline watching them play.  At number two doubles, Collin and Bennett won the first set and then found themselves down 5-2 in the second.  I came out and talked to them.  Collin gave me a stone look as I coached them and I thought what I said was for not.  Collin though took everything we discussed and implemented.  He and Bennett rallied from three games down to force and win the tiebreaker to win the match.  Collin took his momentum and continued it in singles.  He played a complete match in singles – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Collin has worked so hard in his six years of varsity and for him to break through like today is well deserved.
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