Valley City HS Hi-Liner Softball Improves to 9 - 6

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Joey Marini
Valley City High School hosted an EDC competition in their game against Fargo North this Tuesday, May 7th. The Hi – Liners were able to accrue the win, bringing their overall record to 9 – 6 with 10 – 4 EDC points. Sunny skies met the softball teams, Fargo North arriving with a 7 – 8 record and 5 – 2 EDC points. On the year the Hi – Liners came in with 124 runs scored and 76 runs allowed.
Hailey Schaefer pitched the game, earning the ND Sports Channel's Player of the game. The first batter was struck out with a 1 – 3 count. The second batter hit a ground ball straight to first for the second. The third batter hit two fouls before swinging and missing on Schaefer. Three and out is nothing new to Schaefer though, high fiving her teammates before preparing to bat.
ND All Star player, Grace Scherr, went 4 – 5 on the day, leading off with a single into right-field. Scherr's speed played as great advantage for the success of the Hi – Liners as she stole 2 bases in the first inning. Schaefer came to bat with two outs and a runner on third, taking the first pitch for an RBI single.
The top of the second left Fargo North stranded on first. With Sam Ranisate hitting a double in the bottom, Erin Anderson was able to hit an RBI double. Scherr's second at bat resulted in another RBI double as a grounder through left center. Hi – Liner's finished the inning 3 – 0.
The third inning found the Spartan's first run in Alexa Hamre, taking advantage of a wild pitch. A 2 run RBI double tied the game at the top of the third. Schaefer was able to get the third out stranding runners on 2nd and 3rd to close the inning. At the bottom of the 3rd, Becca Thompson and Erin Anderson were brought home from an Eliza Schueneman double. Emma Mielke brings Schueneman home on a ground out bringing the score to 6 – 3.
At the top of the fourth, Schueneman grounds the final out to end the inning with runners on second and third stranded. For VCHS, Eliza Johnson steals second and tags up to third before being brought home by Schaefer on a single. Erika Anderson scores from third making the game 8 – 3.
The fifth inning brought an Erin Anderson run from Scherr, hitting a single but advancing to 2nd on an error. A wild pitch to Eliza Johnson led Scherr to steal two bases, diving in for the score.
The sixth saw some rejuvenation from Fargo North, scoring off of a wild pitch and a two run homer from Alex Egge. The bottom started with a Schueneman single, stealing to second. Jessie Undem took ball four on a full count to put runners on 1st and 2nd. Jada Nelson takes Undem's place on first as Emma Mielke came to bat. Mielke was able to hit a double, brining Shueneman home. Sam Ranisate hits a grounder to third, not getting to first in time, but RBI's Nelson and Mielke. The final score was a Scherr steal. The bases were full and a wild pitch allowed her to slide in. Hailey Schaefer was intentionally walked and Eliza Schueneman recorded the last out swinging.
Hailey Schaefer's day on the mound consisted of 123 pitches in 7 innings. She threw 83 strikes and 13 strikeouts. 11 of the 13 batters went down swinging. Valley City Softball will play again on Thursday, May 9th in a Fargo Davies double header.