Times-Record Creating Volunteer Calendar

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

The Valley City Times-Record is partnering with area nonprofit groups to help get the word out about the need for volunteers.

Over the past year, a group of over 45 community leaders was brought together through the efforts of the Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation to discuss and prioritize current elements and future improvements that would create a more welcoming community for new residents and visitors.

Throughout five large group meetings and numerous small group meetings, participants identified seven areas of focus, business development, education, healthcare, infrastructure and housing, leadership and volunteerism, quality of life, and services/resources.

One of these areas of focus is leadership and volunteerism.

According to Susan Milender Toppen, extension agent for Barnes County’s North Dakota State University Extension Office and member of the Leadership and Volunteerism work group, the goal statement related to this area is to “create a positive community atmosphere through increased opportunities for leaders and volunteers.”

To help accomplish this goal, the Times-Record plans to establish a regular volunteer opportunities calendar.

The Times-Record will work with groups from Valley City, Barnes County and the Sheyenne River Valley area by allowing them space to run these volunteer opportunities in one comprehensive calendar on page 3.

The new calendar will run each Friday. It will be similar to the Ongoing Events Calendar, which is currently published in Thursday editions. Organizations are encouraged to contact the Times-Record with a brief description of their volunteer opportunity, which includes a contact’s phone number.

Toppen hopes connecting organizations desiring volunteers with potential volunteers will increase community involvement and interaction.

The Times-Record understands the need to connect groups with people and continues its effort to be the go-to communication source in the community.

Groups interested in participating can email their entry to treditor@times-online.com, call the office at 701-845-0463 or stop by 146 Third St. N.E. with their information.

“If you’d like to become a member of the leadership and volunteerism work group—we’d love to have you!” Toppen says.

They should contact Trinity Potts at 701-845-1891 or email her at vdgoffice@hellovalley.com.