THROWBACK THURSDAY: Miedema Sisters in 1954

Paul Riemerman

The Valley City Times-Record plans to run a historical photograph each week submitted by our readers.

Joyce Van Dyke provided this photograph taken of her and her five sisters in 1954. The sisters were children of Ernest and Allie Vandenberg, and had five brothers, Joe, Andrew, Harald Harry and John. The family lived in Meadow Lake Township, Barnes County, on the western edge of the county near Ypsilanti.

Van Dyke said her parents moved to Meadow Lake Township in 1907, and were married there, moving to North Dakota from Orange City in northwest Iowa, and each spring her father walked 1,500 miles behind the walking plow, breaking sod so he could plant seeds. Her father lived on the farm for 60 years. The children all attended Radtke Country School and the North Marion Country Church.
Her father was born in Sexbierum, Netherlands, in 1886, and moved to the U.S. with his parents when he was 1-1/2.

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