Successful Spay and Neuter Campaign

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals wants to thank the Valley City Veterinary Hospital for their cooperation with another successful Spay and Neuter Campaign. Also thank you to the Valley City Times Record and KOVC for their support of our campaign. All 40 vouchers were utilized by responsible pet owner in our community.
The support of the community and members of the SVFA’s efforts to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals has made a big difference in our community. SVFA has made an impact on the community with the issuing of forty $ 25. Spay and Neuter Vouchers along with the 15% discount from the VC Veterinary Hospital. Think of it as if half the animals were female there will be 20 less litters of kittens or puppies that would have to find a home this winter. Don’t forget some of these litters could be made up of 3 to 6 to 8 and more little creatures, and they can start reproduction at around 6 months of age.
The Valley City Police Department has done an outstanding job of trapping. catching and impounding stray cats and dogs. There is a difference in pets that are on their own front lawns and feral cats. Pet cats are nearly impossible to keep on a lease much less in a collar and may be seen out and about on their territorial strolls. If it were a feral cat you would not get a good daytime picture of it, as they are in hiding most of the day. If the cat or dog are friendly they are probably someone’s pet that has been lost or abandoned. These cats or dogs are breaking the law and the city ordinances, therefore impounded. All animals in Valley City shall be licensed and have a collar and must be leashed.
The impounded cats and dogs that have been in the pound and advertised for 5 days and have not been claimed are surrender to the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals. SVFA pays for the spaying or neutering, shots and wellness check with membership, donations and fundraising money from our supportive community.
These are our statistics from 2017.
1. We spayed/neutered 22 animals that became SVFA animals. These animals all came through the pound. There were an additional 15 animals surrendered that became SVFA animals that were already spayed/neutered.
2. 16 spay/neuter vouchers were mailed to families who could not afford to do this on their own.
3. 40 - $25 coupons for Spay/Neuter Week were used.
4.SVFA have helped 78 animals in our community/surrounding area get spayed/neutered in 2017. 
So thank you all for helping us make a difference in our community, SVFA
Tara Argall, Animal Communicator and Behaviorist, will be our guest speaker November 13 at Our Saviors Lutheran Church, North side door. Tara believes that our pets energetically sync up with us and their environment. She is founder and creator of an amazing energy system that can be utilized by anyone.
Please come and join us, open to everyone.