Still Seth Hanson's Favorite Holiday

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Joey Marini
“It was the duck opener,” Seth Hanson tells the story now with humor, reminiscing as if it was an urban legend, “any true North Dakotan's favorite holiday. Still is mine. September 22nd of this past year.”
At 3 a.m., Hanson and a group of six other young men began traveling towards wetlands just ten miles north of Valley City. They set up in a bay area and began hunting. After catching their six man limit, a misfired shot from a 12 gauge shotgun resulted in a BB skipping off a wave between 30-35 yards away, striking Hanson. Almost instantly, Hanson covered his eye and looked at his friends.
“Bro, I think I just got shot in the eye.”
As he removed his hand, revealing the damage, all men shifted gears from hunters to concerned and responsible helpers. Seth laughed, “My friend Nate drove me to Mercy and the whole time I was cracking jokes. I probably got there around 8 a.m. so I'm not sure if the adrenaline was still pumping or just having my friends there brought me comfort.”
The doctors at Mercy cleaned the wound and sent Hanson home. There, Hanson described seeing floaters in his vision and wanting to get a second opinion. Seth's father drove the two of them to Fargo to have a CT scan performed. A BB was found resting on Seth's basilar artery and brain stem along with a small retinal laceration. He was then transported via helicopter to the Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. The BB was chosen to not be operated on, but instead monitored closely. The next morning, Seth had surgery on his tear duct, inserting a stent. They stitched his eyelid and also performed laser eye surgery to reattach his retina.
Since his CT checkup on October 25th, the BB is still in place and his retina is fully healed.
The biggest issue Seth Hanson had with this ordeal was missing hunting season.
“I'm a fisheries and wildlife major. I want to be a North Dakota Game Warden involved with conservation. This is only a minor setback. I have been hunting and fishing since I could walk. This is all I know and all I love. Despite this injury, I'm still going to hunt.”
A spaghetti feed and silent auction is going to be held at 5 – 7 p.m. on March 30th at the Eagles Club. All proceeds will go directly to Seth's benefit. All are welcome and local businesses are encouraged to make donations towards the auctions.