Scott Magnuson: VC’s New Fire Chief

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Donovan Williams
As Gary Retterath retires, local Scott Magnuson looks forward to leading the Valley City's Fire Department into the year’s ahead. Magnuson expressed much excitement for taking on the job and says he could not ask for a better crew to work with.
"My guys are just fantastic," Magnuson said. "Being their chief is one of the best blessings I could possibly have. They work great for you, they have your back, they're just great guys. They would do anything for you, that's why they volunteer for the city. They give up everything to do what they have to do and they pushed really hard for me to become the chief."
As far as becoming the chief, Magnuson described it as a thrilling experience.
"I'm pretty excited," Magnuson said. "I've been with the department a long time, I've had family here. I guess I never thought that I would be a full-time chief, but I'm pretty happy about it and I'm very humbled."
Magnuson reflected on Retterath's work, saying that he did a great job with the facility and that he himself isn't in much of a rush to change anything. Magnuson was quick to say that whatever changes with technology or equipment would be very minor and that Retterath always followed a great system.
"Gary was a fantastic chief," Magnuson said. "He was chief for 16 years and I learned some important things from him. We may need more room eventually, we may have some growing pains, it's a smaller community. We deal with a lot like highway rescue, lake or river incidents, building inspections, fires, we do it all."
Magnasun wished Retterath a comfortable retirement, hoping that he will be able to fill his shoes and follow in his footsteps now that he is next in line for the position.
"Gary was just such a knowledgeable guy," Magnuson said. "He covered every aspect very well. I still have some stuff to learn but the last month and a half, I shadowed him very well. He was always calm; he took great command. Once he got on scene, he let his officers do what they were supposed to do."
Magnuson spoke more about serving our community and expressed his thanks.
"At the end of the day, we got the job done and we got to go home," Magnuson said. "That's what it's all about. I want to thank my guys and the community. Our community is great. They support our fire department so well. We've had fundraisers, open houses.
Magnusson, like Retterath strives for the fire department to always be part of the community. I'm very proud of what we have."
The new fire chief has already taken his place in office and the department is running strong. There is a lot of training, a lot of work to cover yet and with his crew, he is ready for the action.