Rotary Hosts Wine and Beer Tasting Social

TR Staff
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By Ellie Boese
Valley City Rotary Club hosted 76 people at their 13th Annual Wine and Beer Tasting Social Tuesday at the Barnes County Historical Museum.
On Pre-Hallow’s Eve, people ventured out to taste wines, beers and other samples from various distributors. This year was the first Halloween-themed event, an idea which many people had proposed to Event Chair Megan Zarbano.
“People have been bugging me about making that happen,” she said, “so we finally did it this year.”
The social is held each year to support the Barnes County Museum and Rotary Club, and though the club also hosts a yearly pancake supper to support Valley City State University’s V-500 scholarship program, the wine and beer tasting social is unique.
“The social is unlike any other Rotary event because you get to try things you wouldn’t normally try,” Zarbano said. “And while you’re doing that, you’re talking with people you might not have an opportunity to otherwise.”
Attorney Paul P. Harris founded the first Rotary Club in 1905 in Chicago, holding the first meeting with three friends.
The men wished to create a space in which professionals of diverse backgrounds could form meaningful friendships, exchange ideas, give back to their communities, and affect positive change in the world. Their current stated mission reflects that: “We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.”
Because the first club rotated meeting locations to different members’ offices each week, they chose to take on the name “Rotary Club.”
The National Association of Rotary Clubs was formed in 1910, and there are over 35,000 clubs with upwards of 1.2 million members around the globe.
Rotary’s main international mission, Zarbano said, is to eradicate polio. “All of our dues go directly to that, working to end it internationally.”
Zarbano has been a Rotary member for 7 or 8 years, not quite the 10 years she’s owned Handy Hardware, but quite a stretch of time. For her, there is a sense of fulfillment in the club’s mission.
“I like being part of something bigger,” Zarbano said. “We get both ends of the spectrum, too––doing things that give back to our local community while also working to support the international community.”
The event was great, inviting conversation and connection.
“I’m in charge of 99% of it,” Zarbano said. “I’m always nervous something will go wrong, but it was so great.”
The day-after effect has left Zarbano with somewhat of an amusing predicament.
“There are about one-hundred dirty wine glasses around, and I’m cleaning them in the dishwasher,” Zarbano said. “I haven’t broken any yet, so fingers crossed!”
The Valley City Rotary Club meets at noon on Tuesdays at the VFW Club.
If you’re interested in joining, you can contact any local member or stop by to sit in on a meeting.