Pet “Communicator” to Address SVFA

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Submitted by Angie Martin, VP
Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals
Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what they’re thinking? Do you wish you knew if your pet was suffering or lonely?
Tara Argall, founder of The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System, will join Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals (SVFA) for their annual meeting Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. to give a special presentation on this topic. The meeting will be held at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (138 3rd St. NW) in Valley City. Members and the public are asked to use the north parking lot entry door.
Argall was a mental health counselor for more than 25 years. She is also a non-verbal communicator with both humans and animals and has been all her life. She is also a healer and artist. “I have had many teachers in my life but the ones that have taught me the most have been my animal companions and the people who are non-verbal,” said Argall.
The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System is a system that offers tools for communicating with people who are non-verbal and with animals. The Whole Life System also offers the means to locate, identify and shift energy on all levels and in all areas of our lives and our pets’ lives for regaining and maintaining health and balance. Argall is known for her ability to help humans and animals work, live and thrive together, honoring both their true spirits and missions in life.
The annual meeting of SVFA is open to the public. Memberships will be available to anyone interested in supporting the work of SVFA in our community and county. Current members can also renew their membership at this meeting.
“The Friends of Animals help domestic pets in need of a forever home,” according to Sheryl Solberg, past president of the organization. “We seek to educate the public on issues affecting domestic animals such as Spay/Neuter Week, the effects of summer heat and bitter cold weather, the negative impact of keeping dogs tethered outside for long periods of time, and helping stop inhumane treatment of animals.”
The Lost and Found Committee of SVFA focuses their attention on the immediate care of lost, abandoned and surrendered pets. Friends of Animals volunteers spend a lot of time locating foster homes for animals, taking animals to the local veterinarian hospital for care, and finding the right individuals or families to adopt these pets.
“We are so grateful to the people who step up to offer their home as a safe, temporary haven for pets in transition to a forever home,” said Jenni Richman, SVFA secretary and board member. “If not for them, SVFA couldn’t help the animals that we do take in.”
Everyone is cordially invited to hear Argall’s presentation.