Pasta Word Search Winners Announced

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Tina Olson
Congratulations to the following 10 individuals who won the “It’s Pasta Time” word search contest: Leah Wavra, Valley City; Kay Bostrom, Valley City; Carrie Maresh, Valley City; Wayne Liebersbach, Valley City; Brenda Jarolimek, Fargo; Lois Dvorak, Kathryn; Philomena Ries, Alice; Linda McKenna, Valley City; Paulette Omdahl, Oriska; Angie Jacobson, Valley City.
Each receives a prize package consisting of two boxes of pasta, a t-shirt, a pasta spoon and tote bag.
The word find ran in the Oct. 19th TR-Extra Shopper and the Oct. 22nd edition of the Times-Record.
The Times-Record joined a partnership with the North Dakota Wheat Commission and Dakota Growers Pasta Co. to recognize October as the official Pasta Month.
The U.S. is the second largest pasta-producing nation, producing 4.4 billion pounds of pasta annually. A lot of that pasta has its beginnings right here in North Dakota.
Our state is the largest producer of durum wheat, the type used to make premium pasta products. While durum producers have faced production challenges in recent years, they still have produced 40-50 million bushels of durum each year– enough for almost 15 billion servings of pasta.
Some of North Dakota’s durum is milled and processed in the state, but the majority is exported out of state and out of the country. The largest export markets for our state’s durum include Italy, Algeria, and Nigeria.
In-state facilities that mill durum or produce pasta include the following: Minot Milling, a division of Philadelphia Macaroni located in Minot, ND; Dakota Growers Pasta Company, a subsidiary of Post Holdings located in Carrington, ND; and the North Dakota Mill in Grand Forks.
The North Dakota Wheat Commission celebrates Pasta Month every October to recognize our state’s durum producers and pasta processors.
A special thank-you to all our readers who participated in the contest.