Owner of VC's Marketplace Foods Grocery Store to Sell to Leevers Foods

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

Johanneson’s, Inc., owner of Marketplace Foods, has reached a tentative agreement to sell its Marketplace Foods grocery store located in Valley City to Leevers Foods, Inc., the company announced in a press release.

Leevers Foods has owned and operated grocery stores and liquor stores in North Dakota, including its existing store in Valley City, and around the region since 1938.

James Leevers, president and CEO of Leevers Foods, Inc., said, “We are very excited about expanding our presence in Valley City. We believe that by acquiring this location and expanding our operations to both locations, Leevers will bring more convenience, enhancing value to our customers’ shopping experience in Valley City, and we look forward to our continued involvement in the community.”

Marketplace Foods' Valley City location currently has approximately 40 employees and the Marketplace Foods workforce will be offered interviews for employment with Leevers. The transaction is currently in the due diligence phase and is scheduled to close next month. Once the purchase and sale transaction is complete, the store will be re-bannered as Leevers Foods.

More details on this story will be published in the Thursday, Feb. 15 edition of the Times-Record.