'Noises Off!' opens July 8

Special to the Times-Record
Guest Writer

The LaMoure County Summer Musical Theatre presents a production of “Noises Off!” by Michael Scanlan and directed by Kelsey Johnson. The multi-award winning non-musical show opens Wednesday, July 8 at 8 p.m. and runs July 9, 10, and 11. On Saturday, July 11, audiences can see the show at 2 or 8 p.m. at the theater in LaMoure.

Audiences will see many returning young actors from across the region. “Noises Off!” is a nine-person ensemble production starring Saidee Oberlander (Valley City/Fargo), Carson Good (LaMoure), Riley Loeks (LaMoure), Ryan Larson (Enderlin/Lisbon), Katie Aberle (LaMoure), Brittney Muske (LaMoure) Dalton Schnabel (Kulm), Maggie Oberlander (Valley City), and Tristan Dallman (Lehr). The high energy, non-stop jokes, and physical comedy is aimed at all audiences. Director Kelsey Johnson said that her favorite part of the play is actually during the rehearsal process when the actors start to make connections between the punch lines set up in Act I that finally get played out in Act III. “The spark of realization that flashes on the actors’ faces when they realize the true genius of Michael Scanlan’s comedic gold is sometimes better than the joke itself – which is hard to top.”

Jokes aren’t the only thing that keeps the actors on their toes. In fact, the set itself is something to see. Going-to-be high school senior, Brent Larson (Lisbon), has been hard at work creating a two-story, 360-degree revolving, seven-door-one-window set throughout May and June. Throughout the three-act play, the cast and crew physically rotate the entire set so the audience gets a special “backstage look” of the play-within-a-play format. Actor Dalton Schnabel says, “We have an amazing set that rotates and really puts the entire production a step up. It also shows the audience what life is like backstage.”

Larson isn’t alone in creating the set magic. Fellow future senior, Larree Janssen (Fullerton), created the color scheme and worked hard painting the set into the magic the audiences will see. To compliment the set and colors of the 16th century posset mill turned vacation house, Hannah Isakson (Dickey), a classmate of Janssen’s, pulled and assembled the pseudo-80 business-style costumes and hair/make up the nine actors wear throughout the show. With pants-dropping, chemical-burning, cactus-poking problems, Isakson has had her work cut out for her as she solved the physical comedy Scanlan added to the script. Tristan Dallman, the tech guy and assistant stage manager of the play-within-a-play, has the most costume changes. He’s got a new costume for each of the three acts, plus has to play a misunderstood body double for Carson Good’s character…which ups the ante and humor.
Community members around the region won’t want to miss this hilarious production.

Tickets are available through the box office at (701) 883-5230 Monday through Friday from noon to 4 p.m. Patrons can also buy tickets at the door each night of production. More information can be found at www.lcsmt.com or by finding (and Liking) us on Facebook.