NO Bull(s) Allowed

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
Valley City had an unexpected rodeo on Thursday afternoon when a couple of bulls got loose. Their unexpected excursion from West Main to Washington School prompted the folks chasing the big guys down to call in the hero-of-the-day, VCHS senior Sage Kvien. He left school, saddled up his horse and took off with his lasso to bring ‘em in.
The second bull, a deep black, played hard-to-get (literally), but Sage got his rope to fall just right while behind Miller Motors.
Though the bull put up quite a bit of resistance, the men successfully closed down the impromptu rodeo, loading him into a trailer.
An unexpected twist in everyone’s day, I imagine, the bulls and the men chasing them (including the VC Police Officers, who drove all over town in pursuit of these furry fugitives).