Microbrewery Coming to VC

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Donovan Williams
After being in Valley City for 67 years, NuBar is officially changing hands to be transformed into a microbrewery. Former owner Ryan Mathias said that he has been trying to sell the property for two years and that it was time to move on. The new brewery will be run by the NuBar building’s new owner Scott Brockopp, who is very excited about sharing his brewing skills on location with the people of Valley City.
"We've looked at a number of buildings around town and there were certain things we needed – like the layout of the building, plumbing, electrical – but most of all it was the location in general," Brockopp said. "I've been home-brewing for eight years and really just fell in love with the process and the varieties of flavors."
Brockopp expressed his excitement for owning a brewery in a smaller North Dakota community like Valley City, providing some expansion from those in larger areas like Fargo. A lot of people know each other here in Valley and it's a unique community.
Brockopp also went into detail about smallertowns with breweries in places like Minnesota and South Dakota, and how they have proven to be successful businesses.
"I've gone to several breweries in cities and have really enjoyed the experience. There are more and more people expressing interest, so we did a little bit of research and decided that we could make this work in town," Brockopp said. "We've had a great response so far. It's really exciting. It seems that with smaller towns, people tend to rally around something new like this coming in."
NuBar will have free food offers in its final days on Main Street, along with drink specials, and karaoke from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturday the 22nd. The microbrewery will be quite an experience for Valley City's citizens and is guaranteed to be quite the attraction.