Legionnaires Installs New Leadership

TR Staff
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By Ellie Boese
November will see new leadership in the Valley City Sons of American Legionnaires (SAL). Those who know at least a bit about the American Legion understand that membership requirements include military veteran status––and perhaps that’s it. Here’s a Legion history crash-course:
Congress chartered and incorporated The American Legion in 1919 as a non-profit veterans organization. The group is devoted to promoting patriotism, honor, and devotion to service members and veterans, and their success hinges entirely upon active membership, volunteerism, and participation of its 2 million worldwide members.
The differences between The American Legion and the Sons of American Legionnaires exists in the members’ connections to active combat. The SAL official website states that “All male descendants, adopted sons and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during WWI, WWII, etc.” are eligible to be members of SAL. This group’s equal for females is the Legion Auxiliary.
The Legion and SAL of Valley City are interconnected closely. They’re in tune to one another’s plans and events, and some men are even members of both. At this time, SAL is working to fix the Legion building back entrance and installing a chair lift on the stairs for greater accessibility to the lower floor. The new roster of SAL leaders will take over in November and is as follows:
Commander: Jeff Matson
1st Vice Commander: Eugene Johnson
2nd Vice Commander: Randy Markuson
Chaplain: Joel Hansen
Sergeant at Arms: Tom Goven
Adjutant: Jerry Bennefield
Finance Officer: Dan Vannurden
Historian: Dan Vannurden
Squad Advisor: Milt Kane