Just Kidding Preschool & Childcare Center, Church of the Nazarene to Swap Buildings

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Evan Olson
Just Kidding Preschool & Childcare Center and the Church of the Nazarene are set to trade locations in the near future. By switching facilities, JK Childcare will be able to better address concerns about a shortage of quality child care in the community, especially for infants and one-year-olds. By moving from their current location to the church JK Childcare will be able to add 4 to 8 infant spots and will potentially be able to have up to 16 infant spots in the future. These spots are able to be added mainly because of differences between the church’s layout and design and the layout and design of their current home in the basement of the auditorium.
Jacob Nadelin the Business Manager for JK Childcare explained that “One of our core values here at JK Childcare is to provide the highest level of care to as many people in the community as we possibly can.” He went on to explain, “As a team, we evaluated the need in our community and discovered the best way we could help Valley City and the surrounding area was to increase the amount of infant and one-year-old spots we will have available. By moving to the church location we will be able to more adequately meet those needs of the community. JK Childcare’s main goal is to love children with everything we have and to join parents in raising their children together like an extension of the family.”
JK Childcare is currently located at 320 Central Avenue South in the basement of the old City Auditorium, and the Church of the Nazarene is currently located at 913 Riverview Drive. The swap is tentatively set to take place in the month of May and more specific information will be made available as it develops.