It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year–To Be Giving!

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The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is your local resource for community giving. Whether you are an individual looking to give to your favorite charity or an organization that needs a platform to share your fundraising needs. We are excited to highlight the powerful stories of three local nonprofits that are helping people right here in Barnes County. Each story gives us an opportunity to think about how we each can make a difference this holiday season.
Part One:
Barnes County Historical Society
For over 85 years the Barnes County Historical Society has served the area by collecting, preserving and interpreting the rich history of our region. It began on the third floor of the Barnes County Courthouse by a consortium of local organizations who felt it necessary to preserve the history of our early pioneers. The Barnes County Historical Society has become one of the largest and most active organizations of its kind in the state by offering frequently changing exhibits, lectures and a vast array of genealogical resources.
Today, they continue to be a wonderful resource that shares the wisdom with young and old alike. The Barnes County Historical Society can’t provide their service without the generous financial support of private individuals. They rely on 40% of their budget to come from private donations to help support their cause. This is done through sales at the gift shop, membership drive and annual fundraisers. They also have an Endowment Fund established at the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation that will be a continuous source of funding as it continues to grow.
Generating the necessary funds to continue to provide the valuable service of the Barnes County Historical Society has been difficult for the staff and volunteer board members. The continued decline of volunteers over the years has increased the demand of the staff which leaves limited time to dedicate toward sharing their needs and cultivating donor relationships. Joseph DeMasi, President of BCHS says "We are working with the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation to build our endowment fund in hopes that we can become completely self-sufficient for funding in the future. As our endowment fund continues to grow however, that level of support will decrease and we will be able to provide the wonderful services our Museum has to offer with financial security and certainty."
History is constantly happening all around us and will continue to do so. Working together, we can secure the future of the Historical Society. There are wonderful stories to be told that are a part of our mutual heritage. With your help, we can tell them for years to come.
To learn more about the Barnes County Historical Society or to make a donation contact Wes Anderson at 845-0966
The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is proud to work with many small local non-profits and help them increase their fundraising capacity so they may continue to provide their valuable services to our community. This is one of the ways the generous support received through our Annual
Fundraiser and Business Challenge are being used.
To learn more about the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation contact Andrea Nelson at 701-490-1596 or visit the website at