Hospice Lunch & Learn: Veterans Benefits

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Donovan Williams
Veterans have spent many years doing service for our country and we cannot thank them enough. It is also good to know there are those who do what they can to honor them.
Hospice of the Red River Valley was the place for veterans to be on Tuesday, January 8th for a Lunch & Learn, an opportunity for those at Hospice to reach out to veterans and explain what potential benefits are available, all while enjoying the food and coffee provided.
One of their many Lunch & Learns was held in five locations, honoring those veterans around Fargo, Detroit Lakes, Grand Forks, Lisbon, and our very own Valley City.
Presentations took place in Fargo and were streamed live through webcams in the other locations.
There were two big presentations during the Lunch & Learn. The first was by Cathy Bauer-Kottenbrock, LICSW, the Hospice Palliative Care Coordinator, who spoke about what it takes to find veterans decent care.
The second was by Tom Webb, MPH North Dakota Department of Veteran Affairs, concerning burial benefits and exactly what that entails for families, spouses, and/or veterans.
Bauer-Kottenbrock and Webb went over their power point presentations, left time for questions after each one.
Hospice of the Red River Valley looks to hold more events to inform people seeking such information. For anyone who was not able to make it to any of the five locations, Lunch & Learns will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of every other month from 12:00–1:00 p.m. These events are free, open to the public and provide opportunities for our valued veterans to learn about the benefits available to them.