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The game of Horseshoes has been one that historians have difficulty accurately describing. As similar games and competitions have been around for so long, the chronological timeline of this sport is slightly askew. For those who aren't as well versed in the game of Horseshoes, imagine cornhole but with pizzazz. Instead of tossing a bean bag onto an inclined platform with a hole, Horseshoe pitchers toss the iron plates fashioned to a horse's hoof wall. Instead of looking to sink the bag like one would hit a nothing but net 3 pointer, players attempt to score ringers. The clanking sound of metal on metal may be headache inducing for some, but for players who grew up tossing horseshoes, the ring of a perfectly tossed horseshoe can be reminiscent of simpler, purer times.
Though setups are not as common as they once were, Horseshoe courts can still be found in parks and backyards across America. Valley City's Chautauqua Park even has a few posts laid out for those looking to play.
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