Hi-Liner Mens’ Basketball Award Ceremony

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Joey Marini
The Hi-Liner's Men's Basketball team celebrated their 2018-2019 season this past Sunday, recognizing individual highlights, accolades, and awards. Coach Dallas Docktor finishes out this campaign with honor as Valley City begins the search for a new Head Coach. With a 2 – 26 score, the Hi-Liners will look to build upon their year with high hopes.
Peyton Zaun won awards for best FG% (41.7%), best FT% (81%), and most points scored (260). The award for most 3 pointers went to Mitchell Taylor with 27. Taylor also won most steals with 28. Jared Eggermont accumulated the most rebounds with 114. The most assists award was given to Avery Bennefeld with 38.
Team awards showcased six more honors for the Valley City Basketball team. The Hi-Liner award was awarded to Drew Zaun. Most Improved was Tucker Orner. The Hardest Worker was Adam Bitz. The Best Defense was given to Mitchell Taylor. Finally, the man who shot the highest percentage FG, FT, and was also awarded as Best Offensive player, was also awarded MVP. Peyton Zaun acquires this honor in front of his friends and family, excited to come back next year for a new season.