Green Dot Workshop, Oct. 4th

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Special to Times-Record
Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation? You know in your gut that something is wrong, but you just don’t know what to do or how to intervene? The Green Dot Bystander Workshop is designed to teach you how to handle these situations with options and certainty. Green Dot is an evidence-based program designed to help prevent power-based violence (domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, child abuse, etc.) in the Valley City community.
On October 4, seventeen community members attended the Bystander Workshop. It was a day full of activities, meaningful discussion, and personal growth. The idea is simple, red dots are harmful/abusive behaviors and Green Dots are choices to intervene, seek assistance, or offer help. Participants left with one simple concept in mind: “if someone new came to my organization, church, home, or friend circle, how would they know that violence isn’t tolerated and that someone is expected to do something if it happens.”
One participant found the training “extremely informative and empowering.” Another commented “nice pace of training and effective.” Most importantly, community members learned “how to distract, delegate, or directly [Intervene] safely.” These are skills anyone can obtain and implement in their everyday lives, even if they have not been directly impacted by power-based violence.
The Green Dot Workshop would not be possible without supportive sponsors and volunteers. Bank Forward was a major sponsor, Taco John’s provided lunch, Dacotah Bank and Subway donated water and prizes. The Valley City Green Dot Team thanks all sponsors, volunteers, and participants. If you or your organization are interested in scheduling a Green Dot Training, please contact Jacob at 701-845-0078.