Green Dot Bystander Training, Sept. 17th

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Valley City Green Dot, funded through APOC, was officially launched during Crazy Daze this summer. Green Dot is a violence prevention program that seeks to engage, inform and equip community members as bystanders to recognize violence in all its forms and work to respond in a way that makes it less likely harm occurs or gets worse.
Green Dot takes its name from the symbolism used in identifying communities’ tendencies when it comes to responding to violence. A red dot is one that allows harmful behaviors, not because of malice, but because they do not have the tools to recognize and intervene in those situations. A green dot is the opposite: a community with actively engaged people ready to stand up and say “violence is not acceptable here.”
Green Dot hosts Bystander Trainings to equip community members like non-profit organizations, business leaders and influential people with bystander intervention skills and promote new community norms. The program has already hosted a few of these trainings in the area and has worked with local businesses and employees. Read more in your Friday, September 13th Times-Record.