First Baptist Celebrates Their 125th Year

TR Staff
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Founded by twenty Christians on July 1st of 1894, the First Scandinavian Baptist Church of Valley City had an incredible beginning: Over half the congregation was baptized that first Sunday! And surely over half of the congregation had near Scandinavian roots; Pastor Allen says it was “pretty much all Norwegians and Swedes.” In 1922, it became the First Baptist Church of Valley City, and was now affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference instead of a Scandinavian counterpart.
Because the congregation outgrew the charming 3rd Street location, which is not very sizeable, they had to move. And move they did: Directly to the Kathryn road, which was slated to become part of a large residential district. However, plans change and that one certainly did, although there is some residential development along the Kathryn road. Read more in today's, Monday, August 12th, Times-Record.