Fine Arts Festival, May 13th

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Joey Marini
This weekend, the atmosphere in the halls of the Valley City High/Junior High School will be that of controlled chaos; with students, faculty, and staff all excited and anxiously awaiting with anticipation of the glorious works of art that are to fill the halls on Monday, May 13th. Valley City Public Schools will be hosting both the Fine Arts Festival and a Jazz Concert performance in the afternoon starting at 5:00 p.m. The doors will be open to family and friends as they will be granted permission to look, describe, think, and connect with local creativity and artistic talent. Through a maze of amazingly decorated hallways, parents, guardians, and friends will be able to gaze upon portraits, paintings, papier-mâché figures, ceramic masks, drawings, and a plethora of other mediums of art. Running for two hours, teachers Kelly Callahan and Stephani Krueger have been working meticulously to perfect the show. Students have been working all year to broadcast themselves and the staff is taking their hard work beyond consideration.
“Some people call me snippy,” said Mrs. Callahan, “like a chihuahua.”
She laughed about how fast-paced she can get during this event and how it's not unlike her to sometimes bark orders. But her attention to detail and keen determination to uphold certain standards are what makes her such a good leader. It is those who are recognizably passionate that are bred to lead through intense expression. With Callahan and Krueger, that intensity and desire to see their students succeed rivals professional athletic coaches. To go a step further, the only incentive provided with them is intrinsic motivation. They work so closely and with such positivity, that a lot of the students look to them and their philosophies from beyond the classroom.
Cody Abrahamson is a model student who has a dynamic take on art. A participant in the Governor's Show, Abrahamson has been working with the Art Club at the school as much more than just an artist. He has also taken on the role of teacher as he instructs younger students to make paracord bracelets. To have a student-led program proves interest in the subject. It isn't just a class for some students.
Following the Art Festival will be the Jazz in Concert performance, led by Tom Kjelland. The show will start shortly after the Fine Arts Festival closes and will host a lot of the same talent presented at the art show. From the cafeteria to the halls and into the assembly room for a performance, Valley City will be alive with color, sound, and brightness. The most impactful of the three; brightness, will not only stem from the overhead lights or through flash photography, but also from the minds of these young artists. It is important we continue to nourish, advocate, and appreciate the light that comes from within. Through the High/ Junior High School Art Festival and Jazz Concert, our students will continue to shine with a brightness that rivals the sun’s.