Fargo North Deals Varsity Tennis First Loss of Season

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Fargo North came into Valley City winless playing some of the top teams in the state to start the season while Valley City entered the day 4-0.
Today was an example of why sports are great – every match was winnable and every mach was losable today for both teams.  This could possibly be the first time in the history of North Dakota tennis that one team sweeps the doubles and the other team sweeps the singles.  Just crazy!  Unfortunately for us, there are more singles matches than doubles matches…
In doubles, we won three tiebreakers.  Bennett and Collin came back from a 6-2, 5-2 hole to force a second set tie-breaker and then continued to fight in the third set to win the match.  Seth and Kai tried some Australian doubles and it worked well.  Seth came into his own as a leader on the court in that match and Kai rose to the challenge with his partner.  Blake and Austin played an uneven team of North’s #1 and #6 players and played ‘keep away’ from their #1 to take the match in straight sets.  Great work today doubles teams.
With our doubles wins on the day, we are 14-1 in doubles on the season with our only loss due to an injury retirement.  Let’s put that in perspective - the Hi-Liners had a doubles record of 8-7 against these same teams last year.  For the overall record, the Hi-Liners were 2-3 against these same teams last year and are now 4-1 this year.  Your hard work and dedication are paying off! Read more in your Friday, September 13th Times-Record.