DAV Annual Fall Auction Oct. 12

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
Valley City’s chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) will hold their Annual Fall Auction Friday, Oct. 12 at the VFW Clubrooms, 7 p.m. Businesses provide items for auction and partner with DAV––United Way this year––to raise money for a number of causes. This is the 59th Fall Auction that DAV’s Chapter 24 has hosted in Valley City, and Dave Vareberg has been involved for 36 of them. He’s been a longtime member of DAV, serving as chapter 24’s treasurer and former state commander and is dedicated to serving local and state communities to improve the lives of not only disabled veterans, but all disabled individuals. The DAV is a group comprised of veterans wounded in war (Vareberg himself was wounded in Vietnam three times) and raises money to donate to local places like the Sheyenne Care Center and the Veterans Home in Lisbon. The sole purpose isn’t to provide assistance to large entities, though that’s a large part of what Chapter 24 does. Vareberg spoke about a project Valley City’s DAV headed up in the past, just as important.
“There was a little girl in Grand Forks whose parents had no money,” he said. “We raised the funds and bought a wheelchair for her.”
The event has consistently brought in around $7,000, out of which the DAV takes expenses for partnering companies before dividing the funds to donate to other organizations and causes. This year, Art Hagebock will be auctioneering while Vareberg helps take the bids, raising money while having a good time.
“We have fun a lot of fun,” Vareberg said. “Sometimes when people come in, I’ll wave at them and when they wave back, I tell them I’ll take it as a bid. It’s all good fun.”
The day after the auction, Saturday, Oct. 13, the DAV chapters of North Dakota have their 13th Fall Conference in Valley City. Vareberg said that members from Grand Forks, Williston, and Mandan usually come early to be at the auction event Friday night.
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to go see what the auction is all about and show support for DAV and those they’re helping.