Dakota Rose Floral Celebrates 30 Years

TR Staff
Staff Writer

When Deb Anderson graduated high school in 1976, she never thought her future would find her running her own business. But here she stands, celebrating 30 years with her floral shop, Dakota Rose Floral.
She got her start with Kathy Jacobson in Valley City, learning how to design and arrange from the very best teacher.
“I didn’t plan on getting into it; it’s just the job that was there,” Anderson says. “Out of high school, you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do, necessarily but It was hands-on and I couldn’t imagine anything any better. It’s something different all the time. I’ve just loved it ever since. I bought the shop in ’89 and I just never left.” Read more about Deb's journey, along with photos of her shop, in today's Friday, August 2nd, Times-Record.