Colorado Jack, Newest Addition to the Open Door Center Products

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Evan Olson
Colorado Jack popcorn is the most recent partner of Valley City's Open Door Center. In 2016 the Open Door Center (ODC) expanded their popular Thunderbird Ranch Gourmet Foods and Amberland Dakota Seasonings because of the success they saw the products have and to increase employment opportunities for their clients.
Kim and Brian Engstom are the owners of Colorado Jack, and they also have a son named Cullen who has a disability and plans on moving to Valley City and gaining employment through the Open Door Center. While most would assume Cullen is how the Open Door Center and the Engstoms found one another, that assumption would prove to be incorrect. The Engstoms and the ODC actually managed to find one another through a mutual acquaintance who knew both Brian Engstom and Mary Simonson the director of the Open Door Center. That mutual acquaintance knew Brian needed a dedicated, driven, and dependable workforce to produce his product and he also knew Simonson had such a workforce available.
When asked how the ODC has managed to find so much success with production Simonson told me that she believes that work is the greatest social program for individuals with disabilities that there is. She goes on to say, "When first meeting someone or being introduced, what are often the first two things that are offered forth about someone… Their name and what a person does." Having gainful employment gives individuals with disabilities the same normalcy as anyone else and provides them with some extra purpose in life, and because of that Simonson feels like individuals with disabilities that work for her are very impassioned and driven. They truly appreciate what being employed offers them.
Colorado Jack popcorn is available in five delicious varieties, and each batch is made individually to assure the highest quality product available. Colorado Jack popcorn can be purchased at the Eagles Nest Book Store in Valley City, and can also be found in several different convenience and grocery stores around the country. Also, if anyone is interested in wholesale pricing or fundraising through an initiative called the Colorado Jack Giveback program you can contact the Open Door Center. For more information or if you have any questions, contact the ODC at 701.845.1124.
For more details about Colorado Jack Popcorn specifically visit their website