Clementine, Santa’s Elf Helper Returns to Valley City Nov. 23

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
One of the smallest residents of the North Pole will return this month. Clementine, an Elf on the Shelf, has sent a letter to the Times-Record informing us she is on her way here, sent by Santa himself to our beautiful Valley City. You’ll soon find her helping local businesses all around town.
She’s also shared with the TR that this is a special mission and she wants to see as many of you as she can before she moves on to another town, spreading Christmas magic.
While she’s here, she’ll be spending time in different places and she’s said the TR can do our best to help you find her with a picture in the paper for a hint. Your job is to go find Clementine and report back to the TR where she’s at, leaving your name, contact information and her location. If you locate her, you’ll be entered into prize drawings that will award lucky winners a prize just after Christmas. Each time Clementine moves, we’ll share her previous location and a new hint as to where she’s gone.
She hopes to gather a lot of good information for Santa about the good little kids in Valley City by the time she returns to the North Pole, so be sure to try to visit this little lady while she’s here.
Clementine says she’d love for those who find her to take a picture with her and share it on Facebook with the Times-Record.
Remember though, you must call or email the TR where you’ve discovered her in order to be entered into the prize drawing. Wouldn’t it be fun if Santa ended up seeing a picture of you and Clementine in Valley City on your Facebook page?!
She wishes also to remind everyone to keep one rule in mind: please don’t touch her, or her magic will be lost and she’ll be unable to do what Santa sent her here for.
Clementine, in her letter to the TR, has also given us permission to share where she will be visiting in Valley City. She will be making stops at Nucara Pharmacy, Handy Hardware & Rental, Central Avenue Health Mart Pharmacy, Urban Couture, Smith Lumber Hardware & Rental Center, Prairie Frame Shop, Dutton’s Parlour, and Bong’s Bootery through her time here.
Make sure to go see her and help her on her mission to spread holiday cheer. Santa will be very pleased to hear about it when she returns to the North Pole.
To learn a bit more about Clementine and her mission here, call the Times-Record at 701-490-3417 or email