Clementine Makes Her First Appearance In VC

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By TR Staff
The Valley City Times-Record would like to introduce you, our readers, to our new friend Clementine, an Elf on the Shelf and a close friend of Santa.
This year Clementine has reached out to the Times-Record with a special mission from Santa and the we have agreed to help her complete that mission.
Santa has asked Clementine to spread her Christmas magic by being Santa’s scout throughout local Valley City businesses.
With the Times-Record’s help, eight local business have agreed to open their hearts and their doors to Clementine whenever she decides to spend some time scouting for Santa at each location this holiday season, and Clementine has made her first stop early this morning.
Clementine has shared her location with us at the Times-Record and we invite you to help us have a little Christmas fun and try to find Clementine during each visit.
Clementine works very closely with Santa and hopes to return to the North Pole to give him a glowing report from Valley City and our community.
If you find her, be sure to greet her and then call the Times-Record, 701-845-0463, to let them know where you found her, leaving your name and contact information so you can be entered into a special prize drawing. But remember, when you find her, feel free to take pictures of and with her, but don’t touch her or she will lose her magic.
Clementine has shared with the TR staff that she is only here in Valley City for a little while, so be on the lookout for the magical elf around town and help her enjoy her time here!
Here’s a little hint, as per Clementine’s wishes, she may be found at one of the following locations including: Dutton’s Parlour, Handy Hardware & Rental, Prairie Frame Shop, Urban Couture, NuCara Pharmacy, Smith Lumber Hardware & Rental Center, Bong’s Bootery and Central Avenue Pharmacy.