The Case of Baby Rebecca

TR Staff
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The story of a should-be 38-year-old needs a proper ending. Though the book of Baby Rebecca's life might not have the happiest of conclusions, no matter the outcome of her current DNA testings, she should not exclusively be remembered as a lost soul with an untold origin. A book beginning in media res can offer a compelling hook for an audience, but in the case of a child who died on April 15th, 1981, merely hours after birth, the pursuit of her story is overshadowed by the pursuit of her eternal peace.
On April 15th, 1981, the Valley City Times Record reported briefly on a “newborn baby found dead in the woods.” The article included the location between Viking Drive and Winter Show Rd. as well as Police Chief Jack Ladbury's involvement in transporting the body to Fargo for an autopsy. Two days later, the cause of death was deemed to have been asphyxiation. The red-headed baby was discovered by Margaret Halvorson. The North Dakota State Crime Bureau assisted the Valley City Police Department, investigating the matter as a homicide. On April 30th the Times Record followed up with a report that little progress had been made. For the full story pick up today's, Friday, August 2nd, Times-Record edition.