Cafe Concert Kicks Off!

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Donovan Williams
The 2019 Valley City High School Cafe Concert was performed over the weekend on Saturday January 19th, Sunday January 20th, and Monday January 21st. The shows featured Senior, Varsity, Show Choir, the Jazz Band, with the 7th and 8th Grade Choirs, as well as the 6th Graders from Washington and St. Catherine's school.
This year's theme was Boy Bands/Girl Groups focusing on classic groups like the Beach Boys, Journey, and Toto along with more recent artists such as Bastille, Owl City, among many others.
Several different performances were given with three stages surrounding the guest's tables and the Jazz Band on the side. The students got to show off their choreography and wonderful talent, leaving the audience members in awe. As mentioned in a previous article from Times- Record, Director Sheila Zinke couldn't be more pleased with the students.
"What I love about our show is that it is student-led," Zinke said. "They make up their own choreography."
Each performance got a full house and it's fair to say that every person there got to experience some phenomenal excitement.