Budget Burger: 30 Years in Operation and Still Going Strong

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Evan Olson
For many Valley City residents including your's truly Budget Burger has always been a top option when choosing someplace to eat out.
With good competitive pricing and high quality food options, its easy for anyone who has dined there to tell you why they are currently, or most definitely will be, returning customers.
Some readers will be able to think back and remember a time before Budget Burger in Valley City but for the thirty years that I have been alive and in Valley City it has always been an option.
Budget Burger's success cannot be attributed to just one thing by any means. One reason they have been able to be successful is that they have stayed a smaller family owned and operated establishment, according to Tammy Drake one of the Owner/Operators of Budget Burger. She said "When you own and operate a business there are definitely some perks, like I get to be my own boss, and that’s one thing that I personally enjoy the most about owning/operating, however there are also many challenges. One of the biggest challenges as of late, has been finding quality, consistent, and reliable younger staff."
Tammy also shared that without quality employees it is very hard to have a high quality product when it comes to food service. That's a main reason why it is not uncommon to see members of the Drake/Lund family hard at work at Budget Burger on any given day.
When asked about the sometimes difficult dynamics that can come with working with family Tammy said, "Hard work and dedication from everyone in the Budget Burger Family, whether they are blood relatives or they're employees who grow to be like extended family, they are what truly allows us to deliver high quality food quickly at an affordable price and to do that consistently time after time."
She continues by saying, "Those three fundamentals are what have allowed us to operate for 30 years and still have us going strong. We make sure we deliver the best product to our community that we can. Without good staff it makes that mission much more difficult to achieve. "
Tammy says its always been a passion of hers and her husband Bob's to start businesses that could help build up the community and Budget Burger started out in much the same way. One of their first ventures into opening a business was Drakes Family Restaurant that Bob opened in 1988 and sold in 1992 to who would eventually make it the Broken Spoke. The next year Bob and Tammy opened Budget Burger.
Bob and Tammy also opened a store they called Buck or More which was like a pawn and trade shop one of the first around the Valley City area and the couple current manage many properties through Drake Rentals a company they started in 1993.
Small business operation one could say is in the family blood starting with Tammy’s grandfather who ran Dakota Radio and TV Shop for over 35 years before his passing. Her mom and dad, Duane and Audrey Lund, owned and operated Blue Bird Beauty and Barber Shop for over 13 years before Audrey decided to move to renting a chair from Mac’s Beauty Shop, serving a combined total of over 53 years in Valley City as a hairdresser.
Their late son Max Drake opened Roxy’s in memory of his sister, Roxanne who had passed away in 2013.
This coupled with a several years of individual service while in the Navy, Vietnam, Army and National Guard offer over 152 years of dedicated service to the community.
Congratulations to all the Drake/Lund family for their success of small business in serving our community and a great outlook for the future.