BC Salvation Army: Lunde Passes the Red Kettle to Kadrmas

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By Ellie Boese
“My six years of working (a labor of love) went by so fast,” Joe Lunde says. He’s spent those years serving as the Barnes County Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Chairman, though maybe not knowing he had such a long official title.
“I have an official title?” he jokes. After hearing it, he nods in approval. “Yeah. That sounds good.”
Joe spent his time around the holidays calling community residents, organizing the Bell Ringing Campaign to have someone at the red kettle as often as possible.
“Concerning the bell ringing, you’ll sometimes hear on the radio ‘we’re looking for hundreds of bell ringers’ and in some of those places the ringers get paid,” Joe says. “When you’re ringing the bell here it’s all volunteer. We never had to think about doing that because we always had just lists and lists of volunteers signed up here, full-up one or two weeks out. People are so willing to take the time to help raise money that will go to help someone who needs it.”
Bell ringers are so important, because if there isn’t someone there ringing the bell, little to no funds go into the kettle.
Now, Joe is handing the torch off to Tim Kadrmas, who will take his position as the chairman of the Red Kettle Campaign.
“I know he will do well,” Joe says, “because he’s Tim.”
“Six months ago I never would have thought I’d be able to do this,” Tim says. “It’s going to be tough to fill Joe’s shoes.”
Without missing a beat, Joe turns to face Tim and cracks a joke.
“Yeah, you’ll be stepping into my size 9’s and you’re a, what? 12 ½?” Joe says.
“Yeah, I’ve got to stretch those shoes out quite a bit,” Tim laughs. “That’ll be tough.”
Both Joe and Barnes County Salvation Army Chairman Lee Isensee are happy that Tim is able to take this position, and they are both certain he will do an exceptional job.
Tim Kadrmas, from Dickinson, is an active member of the Valley City community. He was one of three people who started the Sheyenne Valley Soap Box Derby, bringing an idea he came up with in 1996 to fruition. He served for 18 years as director of the volunteer association, working as a volunteer himself, and he knows the importance of contributing to the community and to those others may unintentionally overlook.
When he got the phone call asking him to take the bell-ringing chairman position, Tim realized a striking coincidence. That day, he’d received a picture message in an email, totally unrelated to the volunteer position he was asked to take. It said this: “No one is sent by accident to anyone, –A Course in Miracles”––an emotional, profound spiritual message to Tim as well as to Joe and Lee.
Bell-ringing is just around the corner. “We start ringing bells 23rd and they start calling for volunteer ringers on the 13th,” Joe says. “Tim already has people signed up.”
Joe and Tim now switch positions on the county Salvation Army’s board. Tim will serve as the campaign chairman as Joe continues on with the board in a different capacity. They are joined by Chairman Lee Isensee, and Client Assistants Lori Glazer, Janet Olson and Michelle Grebel.
“Starting November 23rd the bells will be ringing again,” Joe says. “This year I’ll be ringing along with all the many wonderful volunteers.”
Look for an upcoming article in the Times-Record to learn more about the Barnes County Salvation Army and the Red Kettle Campaign.