Barnes County Observes National 911 Dispatchers Week

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

April 8-14 is observed as National 911 Dispatchers Week and Sue Lloyd, Barnes County emergency manager, says it is important to take time to recognize these individuals as they don’t get many thank yous.

“They are often out in unpleasant situations or given unpleasant issues to deal with,” Lloyd said.

Barnes County’s 911 Center, located in the Barnes County Courthouse, employs 12 dispatchers: Holly Neuberger, Sarah Miller, Emma Nelson, Megan Burchill, Kelli Schneider, Dylan Lunn, Tyson Eli, Chrissy Judd, Teagan Hunt, Andrea Suhr, Danays Malcolm and Chris Westerhausen.

More on this story can be found in the April 11 edition of the Times-Record.