Babysitters Learn and Improve Their Skills in Childcare

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By Ellie Boese
On Thursday, Oct. 25, students who completed the CHI Mercy Healthy/Valley City Optimist Club’s Babysitting Class received their certificates at a short program celebrating their success.
This class helps young babysitters learn and improve their skills in childcare, receiving instruction in infant care, first aid, playtime, fire and other safety issues, and parent/babysitter expectations.
Students spent Oct. 22-25 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. listening to speakers and practicing with young children how to be responsible and prepared in different situations that may arise.
Kathy Dietrich of the Valley City Optimists teamed up with CHI Mercy Health and fellow member of VC Optimists Emmy Swedlund to help 6th-grade students learn the skills to become certified parent-approved babysitters. On the last night of class, students received their certificates and a babysitting bag.
Before handing out certificates, Dietrich showed parents the notebook/binders each student got during the class. They contained emergency information and procedures and play-time ideas for different age groups, among other things. Dietrich then showed everyone the babysitting bags each student would receive with their certificate.
“Something a little odd is in here,” Dietrich said. She pulled out a cardboard toilet-paper tube.
“It tells you what is too small to give toddlers and small children to play with. If the object in question goes right through the tube,” Dietrich said, “it is too small. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize that, so it’s nice to have a way to see it clearly.”
Swedlund called the individual students up to get their certificates, and Dietrich handed them each their babysitting bag and toilet paper tube. Nine 6th-grade students were handed certificates for successful completion.

Front Row (L-R): Amara Judd, Joel Strang, Kyle Strang, Abby Walker
Back Row (L-R): Madison Wendel, Miles Taylor, Landon Martinson, Shaylee Kunze, Taylor Yanish