Appaloosa Horse Show This Weekend

TR Staff
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Coming this weekend, August 18 and 19, the Winter Show will host an Appaloosa Horse Show, giving participates a chance to show off their horses and skills.
It is a fun time for the whole family. Rad Nicholson, NDWS Manager, urges people to come down to watch. "We expect a pretty good crowd. In fact this will be one of the larger ones this year. We have to get the main arena ready. We have judges fly in, they get to know us, we don't get many spectators. This is sad, because it's free. There's no charge, bring in the folks and come in to watch!"
Nicholson wants to let the public know that there will definitely be no shortage of space in the building, "We have the main arena where the judging events will be. We have three arenas here, the main one, a warm-up arena for the horses outside that offers a lot of space for them to get ready for their events."
Nicholson had nothing but great things to say about the staff, "They are the people that make it happen, they have always made it happen." He goes on to express his excitement with the horses coming, "The neat thing about the Appalooza people is that they love to show their horses. If you have children, you could come down and I'll walk all of you to the back of the barn, and you can meet the horses. They love it."
Lisa Yokom, Event Coordinator, shared the enthusiasm the winter show staff has heard from past shows concerns the positive changes taken place at the barns. Yokom states, “The Quarter Horse Association was so impressed, they would like to add more shows into the events calendar.”
Yokum also added that on-site restaurant will be serving home-cooked meals, available for purchase, for riders and guests.
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