Animal Cruelty Investigation Underway

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Most animal protection legislation happens at the state level. Neglect of an animal is defined by North Dakota Century Code 36 – 21.2; “failure to provide animal with food and water, shelter, necessary medical attention...” Any person willfully engaging in animal neglect could be charged with a Misdemeanor. Animal cruelty can be defined as per 36-21.2-03; “breaking an animal's bones, causing prolonged impairment of an animal's health, mutilating or physically torturing an animal.” Those willfully engaging in animal cruelty can be charged guilty of a Class C Felony. Animal abandonment relates to “the relinquishment of a person's custody or control, with no intention of reclaiming that custody or control, and without placing the animal into the custody or control of another person that is able to provide care for the animal” according to 36-21.2-04. Anyone willfully engaging in animal abandonment can guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor. Read more in today's Times-Record, Tuesday, August 13th.