35th-Annual Buck Show

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By Donovan Williams
The Valley City Eagles Club hosted its 35th Annual Big Buck show where hunters were able to show off their prized buck heads. This event is sponsored by the Barnes County Wildlife Club and was held on November 26th from 6-7:30 p.m.
The night also had a free chili dinner with a raffle next to the serving table for anyone to win two bb guns. The Women of the Valley organization also had their Barnes County Wildlife Meat Raffle. Toni Anderson, President of the Women of the Valley, auctioned pieces of meat herself, raising money for the organization.
As everyone enjoyed several helpings of the warm, delicious chili, the buck heads and horns were being brought out onto display, setting up for the announcement of the winners.
Coordinator Trevar (TJ) Hansen has always expected plenty of competitors.
"A lot of the people are from Valley City," Hansen said. "But we've also had people from places like Litchville, Luverne, and several more people from all over Barnes County."
Junior winners were Braeden Olauson in 5th, Brook Eggermont with 4th, Talon Larson in 3rd, Mitchell Taylor in 2nd, and Jared Kunze taking 1st place.
The winners of the seniors were as follows Gerry Didier in 10th, Courtney Differding in 9th, John Skalicky in 8th, Jerry Moritz in 7th, Jamie Differding in 6th, Neil Schmidt in 5th, Derrick Lee in 4th, Todd Tangen in 3rd place, Perry Kapaun in 2nd place, and Perry Burchill taking 1st place.
The night ended with a total of 32 buck heads in all. Prizes were won and for the seniors first place was $100, or the winner also had the option to receive a full chest mount by Lance Johnson of Willow Creek Taxidermy (701-367-4298). 2nd place was awarded $50, who also had the option of a European mount. 3rd place held $25 with the option to also receive a European mount. The 1st place junior received a plaque and the top 3 juniors were able to receive European mounts as well.

Photos by Donovan Williams/Times Record
Top Photo:
(Back Row, L-R) John Skalicky, Gerry Didier, Jerry Moritz, Perry Kapaun, and Jamie Differding.
(Front Row L-R) Neil Schmidt, Derrick Lee, Todd Tangen, Courtney Differding, and Perry Burchill.

Bottom Photo:
The top 5 juniors (L-R) Braeden Olauson, Brook Eggermont, Talon Larson, Mitchell Taylor, and Jared Kunze.