2019 Wiffle Ball World Series

TR Staff
Staff Writer

The history behind Wiffle Ball will soon pale in comparison to the future of the sport. Whether that future expands to the corners of the universe or remains in the the local Shane Roberts Field of Valley City, North Dakota, the growth of Wiffle Ball has been undeniably unprecedented over the past few years. In a world where loyalty seems to be one of the rarest commodities, a group of Valley City friends have proven it's worth through laughter, philanthropic promotion, and communal camaraderie built on their personal journeys through a beloved childhood game.
The Wiffle Ball World Series is a semi-private event, promoting strong emphasis on familial values and deep rooted loyalty. This is not to say that the public can not become involved with the event, as fans can make contact with WBWS at trevor@wiffleballws.com/ (701) 490 – 1013 and request admittance, entry to a team, or sponsorship opportunities. Read more in today's, Thursday, July 25th, Times-Record.